Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Squealing Tires on Dirt?


I'm sure you're thinking two things:

#1)  Yet ANOTHER film review blog??
#2)  What's up with that title?

Well, to answer #1, yes, this is another film review blog website.  Add it to the masses.  What makes this one different from all the rest out there?  Well, for starters, I'm writing it, so that's new.  Plus, my focus will not be on new and/or mainstream releases (although they most likely will sneak in from time to time) but rather the overlooked, the underseen, and the underappreciated rough gems out there dotting the fringes of the cinema landscape.  I have a keen interest in horror, low budget, and B-movies, but my interests don't stop there;  it stretches to all genres, all decades, and all countries, so I won't be limiting myself on subject matter.  Hope you can deal with that.

As for question #2. . .

Why "Squealing Tires on Dirt?"

Because we got places to go.  Now. . . and fast.

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