Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trailer Park Tuesdays - The Final Member

Welcome to Trailer Park Tuesdays.

This week's trailer features some real dicks.

Literal dicks.

The Final Member (2014) is a documentary about an Icelandic man, Sigurdur "Siggi" Hjartarson, who owns and operates the Icelandic Phallological Museum, which houses the world's largest collection of mammal penises.  Everything from bears, bulls, whales, and tigers to hamsters, mice, and shrews.  There is only one specimen not on display at his museum: a human penis.

What follows is a tale of not one, but two men who want to donate their members to the museum.  One guy is an aging Icelandic philanderer while the other is an eccentric American cowboy who has nicknamed his penis "Elmo."

The major difference between the two?  The Icelandic guy wants his penis donated after his death.  The American guy is willing to part with his penis before he dies.

With that, the race is on, and Siggi finds this to all be more complicated than he had originally thought.

The Final Member is a story about obsession and personal legacies, one that is all at once emotional, poignant, mind blowing, hilarious, and disturbing.

Check out the trailer:

The Final Member is being released by the good folks at Drafthouse Films.  It's playing in select cities RIGHT NOW around the country and you can check HERE for specifics on that.  It should also be hitting VOD and things like that in June, I believe (don't hold me to that).

In what might be one of the most unique memorabilia opportunities out there, you can also pre-order a limited edition Blu-Ray/DVD of the movie (same link above), called "The Total Package," that comes with a certified bull penis specimen and other goodies.  Put it on your wish list, kids.

Here's the cool poster:

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