Sunday, May 11, 2014




MOTHE..oh, there you are.  Hey, mom.  Happy Mother's Day.
"No!  I will not hide in the fruit cellar!  Ha!  You think I'm fruity, huh?"
"We'll pray.  We'll pray.  We'll pray for the last time.  We'll pray."
"No, I disgust you.  I sicken you.  You hate me!"
"Oh, Christ.."
"No one will ever love you like your mother."
"Come to sweet Henrietta. . ."
Read more about the icy Mrs. Bower HERE.
Seriously.  Enough with the wire hangers.
Sheila Keith as the crazed Dorothy Yates in Frightmare (1974).
Alien Queen from The Remains of the Day.  NAH, I'm just foolin'.  It's from Aliens, duh.
Rebecca De Mornay KILLS IT in the vastly superior remake of Mother's Day (2010).
Traci Lords is great in the underseen Excision, one of the best horror films released in recent years.
Diane Ladd would like to remind you to call your mother.
"All that blood and violence.  I thought you were supposed to be the love generation."
Jason spent time with his mother today.  Did you?

To all the Moms out there,
even the crazy ones,
Happy Mother's Day!

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