Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trailer Park Tuesdays - The Guest

Hello.  Welcome to Trailer Park Tuesdays, a semi-regular column where we share in a movie trailer for an upcoming release, usually something flying low on the radar that might easily be missed.

This week, we're welcoming THE GUEST.

The Guest is the follow-up film from director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, whose previous film, home invasion horror thriller You're Next (2013), was something that I enjoyed very much.  It was tight and taunt with good humor mixed into all the violence.  Wingard and Barrett also showed a real skill in dealing with character while also dishing out the thrills.  It's an awesome flick (I recommend it) and it looks as if The Guest (hopefully) continue with that awesomeness.

The Guest involves a returning-home-soldier (Dan Stevens, who is on a show called Downton Abbey ...I dunno, ask your grandma about it) who stays with the family of a fallen comrade to fulfill some sort of promise, but something isn't quite right with the perfect houseguest, as trouble follows and much gunfire ensues.

Check the trailer:

From this I can't exactly be sure where this movie is going, and I like that.  I know I'll be seeing this.

The Guest co-stars Lance Reddick, Chase Williamson, Ethan Embry, and Joel David Moore.  It will be knocking on American theater doors starting on September 17th.

I can't say if this first poster is official or not, I just thought it looked cool.
The second poster is one of the official UK posters.  You can feel good about that.

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