Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trailer Park Tuesdays - It Follows

After and extended and unplanned absence, I'd like to welcome you back to TRAILER PARK TUESDAYS, a place where I like to share movie trailers for upcoming releases, usually something that might not be well known or is maybe flying under your radar.

This week:  indie horror creeper It Follows!

It Follows has been getting a lot of positive buzz since premiering at Cannes in May of last year and the positive reviews continued at the Toronto International Film Fest and Fantastic Fest in Austin, where it won New Wave Best Film and Screenplay.

-- Read some reviews HERE, HERE, and HERE --

The film is, quite simply, about a sexually transmitted curse.  When someone who is cursed has sex with you, the curse passes to you.  You keep the curse until you have sex with someone else.  What exactly is the curse?  Well, it's being endlessly pursued by a silent, expressionless entity that can take on the appearance of anyone and who can only be seen by the cursed individual.  If it catches you, you're dead.  If it kills you, it will next pursue the previous person who had the curse.

Watch the trailer, get creeped!

I've been sold on this one for awhile.  I'm ready to see it.  I love a good, scary movie that also works as metaphor (in this case the metaphor is for STDs, but maybe also for the angst of adulthood?).  I'm into it!

Star Maika Monroe was in last year's excellent action-horror-thriller The Guest and between the two movies she's positioning herself to be a new Scream Queen, something I'm can't complain about at all (I thought she was great in The Guest).

It Follows opened up in major markets last weekend and is expanding into more cities over the next couple weeks, including my town of Portland, Oregon on March 27th, so if you're in Stumptown, head out to the wonderful Hollywood Theatre or the also really good Cinema21 and check it out.

If you live anywhere that is showing It Follows, go see it.  Smart, cool, good horror films need to be supported in theaters.  If you live somewhere lame that doesn't have good theaters that show cool movies, keep an eye out for it when it hits VOD or whatever streaming services you use later this year.

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