Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trailer Park Tuesdays - Spring

It's Trailer Park Tuesday and spring has sprung so we're gonna look at the trailer for Spring!

Ah yes!  Springtime!  When a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love...

The classic setup:  boy meets girl.  Attraction and emotions run high, love is fallen into.  Then girl reveals deep dark truths and secrets.  Terrible things happen.  Seem about right?  That's the basic set-up for Spring, although it comes with a bit of monstrousness..

I've been jazzed on seeing this one, it's been getting good reviews and word of mouth is positive.  The film stars Lou Taylor Pucci, who I liked a lot in Thumbsucker (he was also in the Evil Dead remake), and Nadia Hilker, a German actress and relative newcomer.

The  pull quote at the top of the poster describes Spring as a "hybrid of Richard Linklater and H.P. Lovecraft," and it seems as if directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead have crafted a lovely romantic horror film.

I'm going to share two trailers for the film.  This first one from Drafthouse Films (who are distributing the movie) plays up the romantic angle while hiding most of the twists and turns.  Check it:

Not sold?  Want to see more?  This second trailer (the "official" trailer) has a bit more plot details and, while not exactly spoilery, it gives a more revealing look at the genre elements at work within the film.  So keep that in mind:

Spring is playing right now in limited release in select cities and is also available online at iTunes, Googe Play, Amazon Instant, and a whole bunch of other places.  Check HERE for all that info.

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