Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trailer Park Tuesdays - Cop Car, Turbo Kid, The Tribe, and The Look of Silence

Hello everybody.  Trailer Park Tuesdays is back!  All New!  With a slightly New Format!  From here on out this will be a monthly column, instead of an attempt at a weekly one.  Rejoice!

For those of you new to the Trailer Park, this is a space where I will share movie trailers for new and upcoming releases that might be flying under people's radars.  These are things that I find intriguing and/or things that I consider to be must-sees.  I'm usually a sucker for a good movie trailer.  Let's see what we got this month:

Cop Car - (dir: Jon Watts) -  I like a lot of what I see here.  Two young runaway kids steal a cop car and have a good time, but bad things happen when they get chased by a dangerously mustached Kevin Bacon....

This looks like a lot of fun.  I particularly like when movies put very young children in danger and in adult situations.  We've all been young and done stupid things, but what if those things had dire consequences?

Look at the official website HERE and steal a look at the trailer below.
Cop Car has already opened in some select cities.  It opens August 14th at The Living Room Theater in Portland, OR and will also be available VOD the same day.

The Tribe - (dir: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy) -  I've been dying to see this.  It's been playing the festival circuit and getting rave reviews all over, winning multiple awards at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, and just generally sounding like an amazing cinematic experience.  This Ukrainian film takes place at a high school for the deaf and features a story that unfolds through sign language and other forms of non-verbal communication from a cast of deaf non-professional actors.  There are no subtitles nor any voiceover.  The result is an "unprecedented cinematic accomplishment" and something that feels "unmistakably, radically new."*

Not everyone is into Ukrainian art films, but if you're into unique and daring cinematic journeys, this is one to not pass up.

The Tribe is playing nationwide at cool cinemas in select cities.  There will be a single night showing on August 19th at The Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR.  Check the official website for showtimes near you.

* quotes from Indiewire and Variety, respectively.

The Look of Silence - (dir: Joshua Oppenheimer) -  This is Oppenheimer's follow-up film to The Act of Killing, which was my favorite film of 2013.  This is a further exploration of the 1965 Indonesian genocide, this time focusing on a young optometrist who confronts the men who murdered his brother, breaking the silence of decades.

I can't wait to see this.  If you haven't seen The Act of Killing, I urge you to see it.  It is powerful filmmaking.  The Look of Silence looks to be a continuation of that brilliance.

I'm very excited this opens August 21st at The Hollywood Theatre.  Check out the official website for additional showtimes, articles and clips.

Turbo Kid - (dir: Anouk Whissell, François Simard, Yoann-Karl Whissell) -  Of all the movie trailers this month, this is the one movie that I am most unsure of.  Could be amazing, could be crap.  A movie like this could go either way.  It does look crazy, gory, and interestingly weird, not to mention it features Michael Ironside as the villain, so that almost makes it a must-see.

What gives me caution is that this is one of those movies that is an anachronistic homage to the past, which sometimes turn out feeling disingenuous.  If the filmmakers have a story that is engaging (which it appears they might) and characters that we care about and believe in (this is a maybe..I'm not sure about that girl..) then this might be a ridiculously fun film.  Take a look at the trailer, what do you think?

Turbo Kid slides into The Hollywood Theatre on Aug 28th.  For non-Portlanders, it will also be available on VOD the same day.

Thanks for sticking around the Trailer Park.  We'll see you next month.

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