Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trailer Park Tuesdays - Dangerous Men

Welcome to the Trailer Park.  This month, instead of a collection of four or five movie trailers we have just a single preview to share.  When it's a movie like this one though, one trailer is all you need.

Usually I only share trailers for new films, but this month is a little different, as we have a new trailer for an old film that is just now getting released.  This is a movie that took 26 years (!) to complete and, by all accounts, is a crazy piece of low budget action insanity that no true lover of B-movies, cinematic whatthefuckery, and/or outsider art could do without witnessing.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, DANGEROUS MEN!

Holy Smokes!  This has WTF written all over it!
This very much looks like something for a specific crowd and that that specific crowd will enjoy it very much!
I bet some tires squeal on dirt in this one!

Dangerous Men is making its way into select and special theaters courtesy of the fine folks at Drafthouse Films!  Check out their website HERE for more info and for showtimes NEAR YOU!

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area (like me!) you can witness Dangerous Men THIS WEEKEND, Nov. 13th and 14th, at the best theater in town, the fantastic Hollywood Theatre.  See you there!

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