Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trailer Park Tuesdays: Escape from Tomorrow

Hello there all.  Welcome to a new weekly feature here at Squealing Tires on Dirt, TRAILER PARK TUESDAYS.

I don't (or at this point, have yet to) really do reviews for new releases here at STOD, instead preferring to check my rearview on cinema happening that have since past (i.e.: I talk about old movies).  Well, here at Trailer Park Tuesdays, each week I'm going to select a movie trailer for an upcoming release to share and talk about, probably something that is flying under people's radars or whatever has piqued my interest as of late (*note: my interests are wide and varied).  Sound cool?  Good.  Now let's check out the first installment, and folks, have I got a good one for you. . . .

If you haven't heard about Escape from Tomorrow (2013) then let me be the one to fill you in:  The movie is about a man who, while on the last day of his family's vacation, starts to have increasingly disturbing experiences and visions. Sounds about right. . .

But here's the kicker:  the family is on vacation at the most magical place on Earth, Walt Disney World, and the movie was mostly filmed on location at the theme park (and at Disneyland) without the knowledge, permission, or participation of the Disney Corporation.

Yes.  Somebody made a feature length fantasy-horror art film at the happiest place on Earth without Mickey Mouse & Co. knowing about it.  As you could imagine, the film made a splash when it debuted at Sundance back in January and also later when it was shown at Roger Ebert's film festival, Ebertfest, in Champaign, Illinois (whaddup to my peeps in Champaign!!) as a hand-selected film by Ebert himself, right before his passing earlier this year.

The sheer audacity and implausibility that writer/director Randy Moore and cohorts could shoot a movie at Disney theme parks without them knowing about it is, in and of itself, mind boggling.  The fact that this subversive piece of art is actually going to see proper release (apparently, Disney is NOT going to sue) is almost just as bonkers.

Anyway, enough hype, check out the trailer below:

Escape from Tomorrow will see a limited theatrical run in select cities starting in New York on October 11th and it will also be available on VOD and On Demand formats on the same date.  I can't wait.

Oh yeah, and check out the theatrical poster.  The balls of these filmmakers cannot be underestimated:

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