Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trailer Park Tuesdays: Detective Downs

Hello, welcome to Trailer Park Tuesdays.  Just park your bike over by the dumpster.

Here at TPT, every week I will be sharing and talking about a movie trailer for an upcoming release, something you might not have heard of or something that I find interesting or am excited about.  Got it?  Good.

Fantastic Fest is going on this week down in Austin, TX (Sept.19-26th) and as usual it is lining up a whole slate of films that I am excited to see and check out in the coming months/year (seriously, the next few TPTs might just be trailers from FFest movies).  The Fest brings in movies from around the world, usually focusing on horror, sci-fi, action, fantasy and cult films and, in general, it seems like one of the best and most interesting American Film Festivals running (to my eyes at least).

Today's trailer is for a Norwegian film that doesn't fit any of those categories, except for maybe that of "cult film," but even that label seems problematic and not suitable.  This is a detective movie, one filled with humor, a semi-complicated mystery, and a protagonist unlike any detective that has been seen before.  Robert Bogerud (Svein André Hofsø Myhre) has the trademark trench coat, hat, and cigarette that most onscreen detectives have.  Making him a little different from other detectives is that he uses his immense empathy to help in his casework.

Another thing that makes Robert a little different?  He has Down Syndrome.

I know what you're thinking:  A movie starring a person with Downs in the lead role is going to lead to some "you're laughing at him, not with him" type of situations.  How could this not be exploitative?  Well apparently, based on the early reviews, this is not the case (if it was, I wouldn't be talking about it and interested in seeing it) and the movie seems to avoid becoming straight up exploitation, treating Robert like an adult, making him a well rounded character, and never becoming condescending towards him.  There is humor in the film, for sure, but the real thrust of the movie is the emotional complexity of Robert and the immense heart with which this film operates.

Myhre looks like he'll be amazing in this (early reviews state as much), as he seems quite charming and capable.  Also, apparently he has a dance sequence that just kills.

If someone you know has Down Syndrome, I implore you to check this movie out.  The film has yet to get an offical release date yet, most likely it won't see proper distribution here in the States until sometime next year, hopefully early, so keep it on your radar.  It's on mine.

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