Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trailer Park Tuesdays - Kid's Police

Welcome to Trailer Park Tuesdays.  The police are here. . . .so are the kids.

Today's trailer is for a movie that mixes those two things (police and kids) in a way that only the Japanese could.

Kid's Police is about a highly effective police investigation unit that is de-aged into children by their nemesis, a criminal organization known as Red Venus.

This one pretty much speaks for itself.

Except that this trailer doesn't have any subtitles, adding to the confusion/enjoyment levels:


At the very least, this looks adorable.

Kid's Police was released in Japan back in March and it played at Fantastic Fest back in Sept.  Read a review HERE.

No word on when Kid's Police will be released here in the States.  Hopefully, it's soon.

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