Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trailer Park Tuesdays - New Year's Evil

It's New Year's in the Trailer Park.  Time to party and get loaded.  Maybe get in a fight.  We'll see how the night goes. . .but first!  Let's look at this movie trailer..

Instead of sharing a trailer for an upcoming release as I usually do, I'm doing things a little differently here today.  Translation: I'm taking it easy and posting a trailer for an old, seasonally appropriate horror film.

Here's the trailer for 1980 slasher film New Year's Evil:

Truth be told, I've never seen this movie but every time I watch this trailer I say to myself, "why haven't I seen this movie??"  Looks like something I should've already seen.

Anyway, have a safe New Year's Eve out there, kids.  Don't get murdered.

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