Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trailer Park Tuesdays - Zero Charisma

This week's movie trailer isn't for a horror or Halloween-type movie (for shame!), but instead is for a darkish comedy that you can see right now!  So grab your ten-sided die and your miniatures and read on!

In Zero Charisma (2013), Scott Weidemeyer is your typical fantasy role-playing gamer; overweight, lives with his grandmother, really into his gaming world (of which he is the Game Master, naturally), and complacent with the happiness that his routine gives him.  His world and life is turned upside down when a charismatic hipster joins his gaming group and from there things continue to spiral down for poor old, easily-enraged Scott.

This is, of course, a comedy, one that is a bit dark, but it also seems to have its heart in the right place.  Some early reviews are calling it "the best nerd movie ever" and I'm looking forward to verifying that opinion.  While I have my own nerd proclivities, gaming was never one of them.  Sure, I played video games when I was a kid but I haven't owned a system since the OG Playstation and I've only participated in a few role playing board games back in college, but hey, that was the time for experimentation, was it not?

This looks like a labor of love and not simply a cashing in on current geek culture popularity and the commodification of such.  Plus, it looks pretty funny.  Here's the trailer:

Zero Charisma is available on VOD RIGHT NOW, so you have no excuses.  Also, it is playing in select cities across the USA and opens up here in Portland, Oregon this weekend at the best theater in town, The Hollywood Theatre.

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