Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trailer Park Tuesdays - Here Comes the Devil

Trailer Park Tuesdays, the place to be for all your needs (as long as those needs are based around movie trailers for upcoming films).

While scrounging around the internet this afternoon, I stumbled across today's trailer, a Mexican horror film about possession and scary kids.  Based on the title, I was skeptical.  Seemed kind of like a joke maybe (plus it didn't help that I instantly thought about MST3k), but it appears as if this is the real deal in the scary department.

Here's the dime description for Here Comes the Devil:  A married couple lose their children near some caves while on vacation in Tijuana, and upon their return it becomes clear they are not who they used to be.

I'm not familiar with writer/director Adrián García Bogliano (Cold SweatPenumbra), but I think that will soon change

Here's the trailer:

Here Comes the Devil will be distributed by Magnet Releasing, playing in select cities in the US starting December 13th (which is a Friday).

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