Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trailer Park Tuesdays: YEAR ONE

A little over a year ago I started my semi-regular column Trailer Park Tuesdays, where I share new movie trailers for upcoming releases, usually stuff that is flying low on the general public's radar.  I started doing it because A) I wanted more content on the site and B) because I'm a sucker for a good movie trailer.

But were the movies themselves any good?

I've shared 26 movie trailers over the past year; out of those, I've seen 12 of the movies.  That's almost 50%!  Were the trailers being honest?  Were the movies good?  Let's see how things turned out:

-(click the titles for links to the trailers):

This was okay-ish.  I appreciate what they did, the clandestine shooting at DisneyWorld/Land, some of it comes off spectacularly, but it does fail to come together as a satisfying whole.  Still, worth a look if you like experimental, low budget fantasy narratives.

I liked this a lot, it's fun stuff.  Brutal, though.  Parts might make you squirm.  Both Ethan Embry and Pat Healy are great.  The escalation of events is nice, the payoff in the end is good too.

Whoa shit, was this trippy.  I loved it.  The stunning black-and-white photography.  The theatricality of the drama.  It's artful and badass, a great combo.  Ben Wheatley is one of the best and most underrated filmmakers working today.

This Carpenter-homage-heavy film is just-above-average stuff.  It's enjoyable, despite being predictable (and featuring some so-so acting).  The special effects are the highlight.

Eh.  I won't talk shit about this, but it really didn't light me on fire.  If someone told me they loved it, I'd say "good for you, I totally know why, but it didn't connect with me in that way."  Maybe if I played more D&D. . .

This was a true stinker.  Not good at all, boring and dumb in equal measures, there were a couple noteworthy scenes, but overall not worth anyone's time.  Watch THIS CLIP instead.

Very solid.  Keanu's directorial debut rips it up; one of my fave movie from last year!  *I double trailered this with the Keanu-starring 47 Ronin, which looked like it might be stupid fun, but from what I've since read, it is just stupid.  So I might end up skipping that one, forever.

Aw, yeah!  Man, this film is epic in both plot dynamics (honestly, I got lost a little bit) and in action scenarios.  The prison yard rumble!  Prakoso's subplot!  Baseball Bat Man!  Hammer Girl!!  I need to see this again.  Oh, yeah.

Ok, so while I did like a lot of the elements within this film, I did not really like it overall.  The human characters were no good and boring.  The pace of the movie felt off too, probably due to the boring humans.  Not the worst Godzilla movie, not by a long shot, but I feel they could and can do better.  I'm not sold on Gareth Edwards as a director.

Loved it.  One of my favorites of the year so far.  This revenge thriller hits all my buttons.  It's tense, bleak, and brutal, but finds time for quiet moments.  Very much RECOMMENDED! SEE IT!

I liked this very much, although I can totally understand why somebody would not.  It is narratively sparse and visually rich.  I've seen it twice now and find it to be mesmerizing, and not just when Scarlett Johansson is nude.

I liked this low budget, sci-fi head trip.  General unease and tension ramps up during the film's brisk running time and the cast is totally game. Not essential viewing or a masterpiece or anything, but a satisfactory watch for me.  I dug it.

As for those I've yet to see:
-Detective Downs and Kid's Police have yet to find US distribution.
-Witching and Bitching comes out on home video in October; The Strange Colour of Your Tears in December.
-Whiplash and Automatá hit theaters soon.  Mad Max roars into theaters next May.
-I haven't seen The Zero Theorem or The Guest yet (can't wait!).
-Nor have I seen BorgmanThe Final MemberThe Dance of Reality, or New Year's Evil.
-As mentioned above, 47 Ronin is something I will most likely not watch.

So there you have it.  Trailer Park Tuesdays: YEAR ONE.
Here's to another great year.
See ya at the trailers.

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